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Empower Your Business with Car Hire Purchase Loans

Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or a small business owner looking to expand your operations, you can benefit from a car hire purchase. Automotive Finance’s commercial car hire purchase solutions will give you the financing you need to thrive.

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Your Car Hire Purchase Journey Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

At Automotive Finance, we’re all about streamlining the commercial car hire purchase process. Let us walk you through how it works:

Step 1: Apply online.

You no longer have to leave your office or shop. Simply fill out our online application and provide essential details about your business and the car or equipment you need.

Step 2: Let us review your application thoroughly.

Our experienced finance specialists will review your application promptly. If needed, we may request additional information or documentation to assess your eligibility.

Step 3: Look at tailored hire purchase options.

You’ll receive multiple commercial hire purchase options based on your unique requirements. These include the terms, interest rates, repayment plans and other key details.

Step 4: Experience swift hire purchase approval.

At Automotive Finance, everything is swift and convenient. Count on us to expedite the approval process and secure your hire purchase quickly and efficiently.

Step 5: Start using the company car or equipment.

After the hire purchase approval, it's time to utilise your newly acquired company vehicle or warehouse equipment. You can trust us to guide you through the final steps.
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Upgrade Your Assets with Hassle-Free Financing Solutions

The growth and success of businesses like yours matter to us. Our commercial hire purchase options offer the financial flexibility and freedom you need to invest in essential assets, upgrade your equipment, expand your fleet or launch new projects.

Never let funding constraints hold back your business aspirations. Start by embracing the power of commercial hire purchase and unlock new growth opportunities. Get in touch with us to discuss your financing needs and embark on a prosperous future.

What Sets Us Apart?

Transparent and Competitive Rates

We put a premium on transparency. Trust our brokers to secure highly competitive interest rates and give you all the information you need. We’ll do our best to make your commercial hire purchase affordable & convenient.

Streamlined Process

When it comes to business operations, time is of the essence. We understand that; our team strives to make the hire purchase as efficient as possible. From the online application to the final step, everything is streamlined & prompt yet thorough.

Flexible Terms

Cash flow is crucial for businesses, no matter their size. That’s why our commercial hire purchase options usually come with flexible repayment terms. We will design a repayment plan that aligns with your cash flow and budget.

Extensive Lender Network

Thanks to our vast network of trusted lenders, we have access to an array of competitive hire purchase options. That’s regardless of your company’s credit history. We believe in providing opportunities for all businesses.

Personalised Service

Every business is unique. Our team of experienced finance specialists will work closely with you to understand your business’s specific needs, budget and other requirements, offering personalised solutions that align with your goals.

Accelerate Your Business Today

Don't let financing stand in the way of your business growth. At Automotive Finance, we're here to help accelerate your business success with flexible and convenient commercial hire purchase solutions. Unlock the benefits of convenient ownership, where you will own the car or equipment after the hire purchase contract. 

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions or concerns. Otherwise, take the chance to apply now and experience the Automotive Finance difference.