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About Us

Automotive Finance is Sydney’s premier Automotive Financial Services Company. We are a team of experienced automotive finance agents and brokers with diverse backgrounds in financial planning, investments, and the automotive industry.


Our Promise

Extensive Network of Lenders

Automotive Finance has been operating since 2015 for those who are seeking the best financial and automotive lending solutions. Our teams focus is ensuring our work is of the highest quality within a one-stop solution. You can rest assured that you will have guidance from award-winning professionals so that you receive the best outcome for your financial needs.

Our Performance

Automotive Finance is proud to have high-performing professionals who pride themselves on having a comprehensive review of every client application. Our team of experienced professionals go above and beyond to advocate for our clients automotive needs.

We specialize in assisting those who seek automotive loans and leases with detailed financial planning. With our teams continuous commitment to delivering exceptional service and positive outcomes for our valued customers, we can assure you that tailor-made solutions will be made for your specific needs. 

Our Expertise

We have offer an extensive range of Automotive Finance solutions for more than fifty lenders, including the major four banks. Our platform provides access to hundreds of products tailored to meet your specific needs. What sets us apart is our ability to offer exclusive loan deals with interest rates that are lower than what the banks commonly advertise.

Over the years, we have forged strong professional connections and honed our financial expertise, positioning us as industry leaders. These advantages empower us to deliver unparalleled service and bring you the best Automotive Finance options available. Explore the possibilities with us and experience the leading edge in Automotive Finance solutions.

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automotive finance

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